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Who We Are

War Room Operations is a consulting firm composed of successful military and business professionals who understand how to align, train and build winning teams. We understand that structure, accountability and operational excellence is required to establish a solid foundation in any industry. We have diverse leadership skill sets, education, and experiences that will allow us to bring exceptional levels of training to drive success to your business. 

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What We Do

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War Room Operations helps craft organizational vision and provides you with the necessary structure to scale your company regardless of industry. We will provide you with the necessary tools that will allow you to close personnel, technology, and financial gaps. And that is not all, we will roll up our sleeves with you to assist in the implementation of your businesses’ new operating system. 


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We provide solutions

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Strategy &


Implement a strategy and structure that will make your business more predictable. 

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Organizational Performance

Assess your business' current team, processes and systems to determine changes that need t0 be made to optimize performance.

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Hiring Services

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 Business Analysis

Actively seek, vet and hire candidates for specific roles utilizing talent optimization tools to bring the greatest talent to your organization.   

Analyze your data, processes and systems to ensure they are optimized for efficiency and aligned with your business objectives.

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